Vari Group is a privately owned group of companies dedicated to servicing the residential, commercial and industrial projects.

The group is highly regarded for its excellence in quality standards, competence and compliance.

Our values and philosophies are based on respect and integrity, safety & wellbeing, communication, efficient responsiveness and service delivery through sustainability and continuous improvement and innovation with evidence through our policies and procedures.

Vari Group has a commitment to personnel safety, standards and conditions. We will adhere to all specific requirements outlined by clients to ensure the highest industry standard workforce standards and conditions.

Industry Leadership

To be considered an industry leader there are many criteria that need to be satisfied. Core operational integrity is just the start. Implementation of proven systems and methods is important. Ethical and moral judgement is obvious. To lead change and to enhance the market with positive contribution all the basics must be done right.

Vari Group demonstrates its industry leadership position by the following innovations:

    • Australian Employment Covenant (AEC)
    • National Women and Construction Association (NAWIC)
    • CCA Compliance and Bi-Annual Audits
    • IRE Compliance and Annual Audits
    • Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 and AS 4801:2001
    • Monthly Compliance and evidence of ACIRT, U-PLUS, CBUS & LSL Reports

Project Engagement and Delivery

Vari Group can accommodate client’s administration requirements in all phases of a project. Upon gaining mutual agreement of technical requirements, general scope, industrial framework, and of course the rates, terms and conditions, Vari Group services can be engaged by client commitment made by various methods.

Most comprehensive is a “blanket” preferred supplier agreement in which a simplified whole of business approach is secured.

A purchase or work order can simply be issued on a job by job basis.

Vari Group hire agreement details can be annexured to client commercial conditions for clarity.

In any process of engagement the client shall maintain liaison with the designated Vari Group CRM for the explicit purpose of harmonising and responding to all Client needs.

Practical outcomes of this focussed approach are the following;

    • Consistent and routine communication with site supervision and senior management.
    • Coordination of every induction with the new employees.
    • Reliability and maintenance of PPE inventory.
    • Management of tool box talks and associated SWMS induction records.
    • Assist client with resource planning.
    • Defined responsibilities for records and data communication.

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